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Model Houses


The multi-family homes at Antel Grand Village presents spacious living area, wide windows and a lanai where you could just sit back and relax to the lullaby of the southern breeze. Each model comes in different features to choose from, and lots ranges from 80sqm to 300sqm and easy payment terms are offered.


Audrey Model House

Simple-looking but more than what anyone can ask for. This house model has a balcony by your bedroom – take a breath of fresh air in the morning or share stories with your loved ones under the moonlight.




Klaire Model House

Admire the scenery of Antel Grand Village in this 3-bedroom house. Every waking day is never dull for the family – run around the lawn, cook in the kitchen, and bond in the living area!



Steffi Model House

This spacious 3 bedroom dwelling is perfect for those young families looking for a cozy home, with spacious living areas fit for bonding with your loved ones, a carport, and a balcony, perfect for catching the that beautiful Cavite sunset. steffi


Felicity Model House

Just like the other house models in Antel Grand Village, Felicity provides everything that a family can ask for. Bond with the family after every hearty meal in the lanai or enjoy the sunset while sitting together at the lawn.



Marianne Model House

For those who have already started a family, this spacious 3-bedroom house will be more than enough. The kids can say goodbye in the balcony as Dad maneuvers out of the driveway, and meet Mom downstairs for a healthy breakfast in the dining area.



Karylle Model House

Greet your neighbors a pleasant morning through the street-facing balcony. The sliding doors provide swift access to the lanai where you can take your mini-vacation and bond with the family. Guaranteed amazing sights in Antel Grand Village.



Anastacia Model House

With a name that reminds one of timeless fairy tales, the grand facade of this house model is like a simple castle in a modern urban neighborhood. A huge balcony is always there to hold feasts and parties with friends and loved ones.



Helena Model House

Simple yet elegant. This AGV home model is very spacious and with a balcony by your room, you will never miss the sunrise! There is also ample space in the driveway and garden to hold your weekend gatherings.




Sopia Model House

It’s all about space efficiency, you will find that beneath this cozy facade, lies a spacious three bedroom house, living room, garage, and a balcony, perfect for that warm Cavite sunset, while you enjoy it with your family, or intimate moments shared over a cup of coffee or tea.



Daniella Model House
Enjoy the warm Cavite breeze with this model house. designed to let the light inside the house, this house exemplifies a timeless elegance with its bright outer finish designed specifically for both a leisure living, and family bonding moments.



Isabel Model House

This cozy homestead is perfect for small and large families, looking to enjoy a more intimate lifestyle. Enjoy the morning breeze, and the beautiful Cavite sunrise on your very own balcony, in the company of your loved ones.



Martina Model House
This spacious home boasts a sense of timeless elegance, with its rich exterior finish, spacious garage, and cozy living quarters. extra features like a balcony, perfect for enjoying family, friends, and life at its finest.


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